Upcoming Tractors in 2021 | Electric Tractor | New Tractors in 2021 | साल 2021 में आएँगे ये ट्रैक्टर

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Hey Friends, we are here showing all the details regarding New Tractor models in 2021. In this tech-savvy world, the tractor company is also launching advanced and electric tractors. Check out below, 10 companies which are coming with their advanced tractors in 2021. 1.Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor -Sonalika launched its India’s first electric tractor in India. This tractor main quality is it has low maintenance cost because it doesn’t have an engine. The Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is designed with comfortable features so that you can work on a farm for long hours without tiring. The company claims that if you can charge it fully, it can perform 8 hours continuously. It has a fully digital instrument cluster. You can get 5.25X14 front tyres and 8X18 rear tyres in this electric tractor. 2. Farmtrac Autonomous Electric Tractor The next company in this list is Farmtrac tractor, a one-step advanced tractor Autonomous Electric Tractor. Farmtrac launched this technology in Farmtrac Atom 26. The company has been producing electric tractors for 2 years, which are doing a great job in European markets. 3. Massey Ferguson 241 DI - Next in this list is the most popular Massey Ferguson 241 DI. At present, Massey Ferguson 241 DI comes in four variants, and all four models come in 42 Hp. Now the company is aiming to launch this tractor with advanced features and extra power. 4. John Deere 5310 Gear Pro - John Deere brand coming with 5310 Gear Pro model in the Indian markets. It is presently available in 2 wheel drive, and 4 wheel drive variants and both the models are popular among the farmers. 5. New Holland Excel Series and New Holland TX Super Series - After the Excel series's wonderful achievement, New Holland is introducing New Holland Excel 3600-2, New Holland Excel 5510, and New Holland Excel 4710. These tractors come with the advanced FPT technology engine that provides great performance on the field. With this, the company will add three new models in New Holland TX Super Series: New Holland 3230 TX Super, New Holland 3600 TX Super, and New Holland 3600-2 TX Super. 6. Powertrac Euro Next Series Powertrac Euro series tractors are the most salable tractor among the Indian farmers. This series tractors loaded with power, performance, durability and affordability. The company adds four more tractors in this series with better technology, i.e. Powertrac Euro Next 50, Powertrac Euro Next 55, Powertrac Euro Next 60 2WD and Powertrac Euro Next 60 4WD. The company is launching Powertrac Euro 75 in 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive variants. With this, Powertrac introduced their first mini tractor Powertrac Euro G-28. 7. VST Shakti 932 DI VST Shakti announced the launch of VST Shakti 932 DI. It is a mini tractor which comes with 4 cylinders and 30 Hp. This tractor has a synchromesh 9 forward + 3 reverse transmission. Along with this, it is launching with oil immersed brakes with 1250 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity. 8. Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus The number 1 company coming with Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus. You can get various amazing advanced features in this tractor. It has 4 cylinders and 47 hp of the engine. With this, Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus provides 8 forward + 2 reverse partial constant mesh gearboxes and has 1500 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity. 9. Captain 283 DI 4WD Mini Tractor With the increase in orchard farming, Captain Tractor launched an eight generation 283 DI 4 WD mini tractor. This tractor’s design is different and more eye-catching than before. Captain 283 DI has a less turning radius which is the most important feature in mini tractors. Along with this, it has oil immersed brakes and ADDC hydraulics. 10. Preet Avenger Series - Preet Avenger Series is performing well in foreign markets. In this series, you get tractors from 20 hp to 100 hp. The company will launch tractors in India: Preet A75 XT, Preet 9049, Preet A90 XT Ac cabin tractor, Preet A100 XT, and Preet Avenger 26. This series tractors are 4 wheel drive, powerful, and bigger in size. These are all models which you will see in 2021. These tractors are advanced and come with updated technology. So, friends, this is the perfect time to upgrade your tractor. 📲 Call/WhatsApp - ट्रेक्टर या कृषि उपकरण से जुडी किसी भी सहायता के लिए कॉल करे: 9770-974-974 Follow us on : 👉Official Website -https://www.tractorjunction.com 👉 Buy & Sell Second- Hand Tractor: https://bit.ly/2m5OoQE 👉 Sell Second- Hand Tractor : https://bit.ly/3bdsizH 👉 Buy Second- Hand Tractor : https://bit.ly/2KHSbgo 👉 Android App - https://bit.ly/2kVqHuh 👉Like our Official Facebook page:- https://bit.ly/2kLNLvA 👉 Like our official Instagram Page:- https://bit.ly/2mkWpBo 👉Subscribe our YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2og5LMr 👉Like our LinkedIn Page- https://bit.ly/2kLE0O1 #UpcomingTractors2021 #ElectricTractor #AutonomasTractor #TractorJunction