Sonalika DI 60 Sikander And Excel 6010 2WD Tractor Price | Tractor Comparison | 2021

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Find Sonalika and New Holland Tractor comparison with features, price and specification. Excel 6010 2WD and DI 60 Sikander 60 HP tractor comparison. 👉Sonalika DI 60 Sikander is supplied with a 4 cylinder powerful engine that generates 60 power unit. It comes with company fitted direct management valve that allows self-propelled vehicle, loader, dozer, power harrow operations. Sonalika DI 60 Sikander is an applied science style with next-generation seat and a wide platform for straightforward entry and exit. It is flexible and sturdy and is usually utilized in crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane, and others. It’s Exso sensing fluid mechanics for finger bit operations with a raise capability of 2000 kgs that is appropriate for a range of implements like cultivator, rotavator, plough, planter, and others. 👉New Holland 60 HP Tractor has slick 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gearboxes. Additionally, This New Holland Excel 6010 comes with Mechanically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc / Hydraulically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc and heavy hydraulic lifting capacity. New Holland Excel 6010 produced according to the demand of the customers. New Holland Excel 6010 price is reasonable and fits in the budget of every farmer. New Holland 6010 Excellent Quality New Holland 6010 comes with excellent quality features that are suitable according to the Indian land. It has the quality to perform well on the farms. This tractor has a unique place in the hearts of farmers. New Holland always provides better quality services with their advanced tractors, and this New Holland 6010 is also an example of that. New Holland 6010 Fantastic Features New Holland 6010 comes with a 2200 intercooler engine rated RPM with a dry type air filter, and it also has a rotary type fuel pump. It also offers Double Clutch with Independent Clutch Lever, which provides smooth work on the field. It has Mechanically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc / Hydraulically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes. Along with this, its steering type is Hydrostatic steering type. 📲 Call/WhatsApp - ट्रैक्टर या कृषि उपकरण से जुडी किसी भी सहायता के लिए कॉल करे: 9770-974-974 Please subscribe and like and comment on share, अब पुराना ट्रैक्टर खरीदे या बेचे घर बैठे | Buy/ Sell Used Tractor | Tractor Junction | 👉About TractorJunction: India’s leading digital marketplace to buy, sell, finance, insure, and service new/used tractors and farm equipment. Our aim is to bring joy and delight into tractor buying and ownership. To achieve this goal, we aim to empower Indian framers to make informed tractor buying and ownership decisions with exhaustive and un-biased information on tractors through our expert reviews, owner reviews, detailed specifications and comparisons. We understand that a tractor is one of the most important assets in a farmer's life. Follow us on : 👉Official Website - 👉 Buy & Sell Second- Hand Tractor: 👉 Sell Second- Hand Tractor : 👉 Buy Second- Hand Tractor : 👉 Android App - 👉Like our Official Facebook page:- 👉 Like our official Instagram Page:- 👉Subscribe our Youtube Channel: 👉Like our LinkedIn Page- #TractorComparison #TractorJunction