Powertrac 439 Plus Tractor | 439 Features, Review | Powetrac Tractors Video

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Powertrac 439 plus tractor hp is 41 hp with 3 cylinders generating engine rated RPM 2200. Powertrac 439 plus engine capacity is 2339 cc. Powertrac 439 plus PTO hp is 38.9 hp. Powertrac 439 plus mileage is superb compared to other tractors. 👉How is Powertrac 439 plus the best for you? ✔Powertrac 439 plus is fuel economical thanks to its diesel saver technology. ✔It’s equipped with constant mesh casing with eight forward and a couple of reverse gear choices. ✔It comes with a single power takeoff speed that is 540 with advanced fluid mechanics automatic draft management and management valve. ✔It is one among the quickest tractor during this class and might reach speed 35 km/hr. ✔it has a lifting capability of 1500 kg that is best in this category. Find here power track tractor 439 plus price. 👉Powertrac 439 Plus Price - Powertrac 439 plus on road price is Rs. 5.30 Lakh -5.60 Lakh in India. The Powertrac 439 plus hp is 41 hp and a very affordable tractor. Powertrac 439 plus price in India is very affordable and cost-effective for all farmers. In India, Powertrac 439 on road price is differ in different states. At tractorjunction you can get Powertrac 439 plus tractor price in Bihar, UP, Haryana or other states of India. ✔For more details click here - http://bit.ly/38Y6nO3 Follow us on : 👉Official Website -https://www.tractorjunction.com 👉 Buy & Sell Second- Hand Tractor: https://bit.ly/2m5OoQE 👉 Sell Second- Hand Tractor : https://bit.ly/3bdsizH 👉 Buy Second- Hand Tractor : https://bit.ly/2KHSbgo 👉 Android App - https://bit.ly/2kVqHuh 👉Like our Official Facebook page:- https://bit.ly/2kLNLvA 👉 Like our official Instagram Page:- https://bit.ly/2mkWpBo 👉Subscribe our Youtube Channel: https://bit.ly/2og5LMr 👉Like our LinkedIn Page- https://bit.ly/2kLE0O1 ⏭For Next Video - Tractor Compare In India | Massey 241 DI vs Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus | Mahindra and Massey #PowertracTractors #TractorJunction