Latest Euro 50 Next Tractor features | New Euro 50 Powertrac tractor | Euro Next Series - 2021

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In this video, New Euro 50 Powertrac tractor is new tractor that are coming in 2021 which have some special features, specification & reviews etc. After great popularity of Euro series, the company comes with one step forward series called Powertrac Euro Next series. Its tractors come with advanced European engines with stylish looks. This series is perfect for the new age farmers of India. It comes with the capability to lift all hi-tech implements. ✔Powertrac Euro 50 Next comes with 52hp, 3 cylinders, 2932 cc powerful engine capacity that generates 225 meter torque. It has 46 PTO hp with micro bush inline pump. This tractor also has a water separator which makes it a maintenance free tractor. ✔Powertrac Euro 50 Next is manufactured with a cooling system with a recovery bottle to maintain it easily from outside. It has a balanced type of power steering with a separate steering oil tank that also makes this tractor maintenance free. Along with this, it has 7.5-16 front tyres and 14.9-28 tyres with a high grip with the field and can easily perform farm work. Powertrac Euro 50 NXT comes with a heat guard that protects the driver from that heat, and it also can be used to enter or exit from the tractor. It also has a stylish battery box and adjustable deluxe driver seat so that the driver can easily shift seats according to their comfort. With all these features, this tractor is manufactured with a sporty type steering wheel that easily turns even on small turnings. It has a double clutch which can help in operating next level implements smoothly. Additionally, it consists of a 15 speed gearbox, 15 forward + 3 reverse that provides superb control on the tractor. Powertrac Euro 50 NXT has MRPTO with 540 @ MRPTO and has Oil immersed brakes. 👉This tractor comes with 2000 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity with 3 point linkage to shift according to your soil conditions. Company provided Powertrac Euro 50 NXT with India’s no.1 Sensi lift hydraulics, meaning it has 2 lever hydraulics. One is a draft controller that can lift plough, subsoiler and cultivator. Second is a position control lever that can lift leveller, seed drill and harrow. You can also use both hydraulics at the same time. It also has transfer lock cum lowering lock and has an auxiliary lever for attachments like trolley, dozer and others. With this tractor, Powertrac provides a 5 years warranty period. With this tractor, you can also get a special advantage that cares 24X7, which means you can directly connect with the company with one button for your tractor related queries. 👉In this video, we fully defined Powertrac Euro 50 Next. If you like this video share your views under the comment section box, like, share, and subscribe to our TractorJunction youtube channel. Tractor Junction lists over more then 285+ new tractors from across the brands. Pick any three of your interest and compare them here. Comparison gives a crystal clear distinction between the chosen three. Read expert opinions on why to select a particular model over others. Moreover, Tractor Junction connects to thousands of tractor dealers across India. Visit the Tractor Dealers in India page, select your city, and find the contact information as well as the location of your nearest dealer. Our mission is to bring joy and delight into tractor buying and ownership. To achieve this goal, we aim to empower Indian farmers to make informed tractor buying and ownership decisions with exhaustive and un-biased information on tractors through our expert reviews, owner reviews, detailed specifications and comparisons. We understand that a tractor is one of the most important assets in a farmer's life. Follow us on : 👉Official Website - 👉 Buy & Sell Second- Hand Tractor: 👉 Sell Second- Hand Tractor : 👉 Buy Second- Hand Tractor : 👉 Android App - 👉Like our Official Facebook page:- 👉 Like our official Instagram Page:- 👉Subscribe our Youtube Channel: 👉Like our LinkedIn Page- ⏭️ Watch our next video - Mahindra Mini Tractor Price in India | Mini Tractor Mahindra Yuvraj Jivo | Mahindra Tractor Mini #LatestPowetracTractor #TractorJunction #NewEuro50