Swaraj 963 FE
Swaraj 963 FE
Swaraj 963 FE

No. Of Cylinder



60 HP

Gear Box

12 Forward + 2 Reverse


Oil immersed Disc Brakes

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Swaraj 963 FE Overview

Swaraj 963 FE is one of the best tractor models of the Swaraj brand. The tractor is made with the latest technology and loaded with innovative features, providing strength and excellence. It is the most appropriate tractor for those who perform heavy tasks. Do want to know more about the Swaraj 963 FE, then this post is perfect for you. This post is all about Swaraj 963 FE. Here, you can get detailed information about Swaraj 963 FE like Swaraj 963 hp, swaraj 963 price, swaraj 963 specification and more. 

Swaraj 963 FE Tractor in India 

Swaraj 963 FE is the latest and one of the most popular tractor models of Swaraj. It is a 60 hp tractor with 3-cylinders and a 3478 CC engine, generating 2100 RPM. The tractor model is a powerful and reliable tractor enough to perform all the heavy farming tasks. The tractor model is manufactured as per Indian farmer's demand, and that is why it is versatile and loaded with many unique features. The best thing about Swaraj tractor 963 is the tractor model can easily fit all adverse Indian farming situations. It can easily handle unfavourable soil, weather, climate and field conditions. Swaraj 963 tractor has low maintenance spare parts which keep it in working condition for a long time. 

The tractor model is perfect for heavy farming operation and efficiently performs in large farming fields. The 963 Swaraj is filled with sensible options to satisfy the needs of each farmer. Swaraj 963 FE, a tractor that may overcome any obstacle, is made on the pillars of power, trust, and reliability. The tractor model provides high performance, economic mileage and comfortable riding. Swaraj 963 FE mileage is perfect for Indian land. Along with this, Swaraj 963 FE price is affordable, making it budget-friendly. 

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How is Swaraj 963 FE Perfect For Indian Farmers?

There are many qualities and reasons hidden in this tractor that proved that it is the perfect tractor for Indian farmers. Swaraj 60 hp is a power-packed tractor that is up-to-date with many advanced features. 

Following are the best-in-class features of the tractor model:- 

  • The new high-medium transmission system, with 12F and 2R gears, makes this tractor extremely economical. 
  • A Swaraj 963  model has a water-cooled and dry air filter, keeping the tractor's system cool and clean. These features also avoid overheating and dusting. 
  • It comes with live fluid mechanics with a lifting capability of 2200 kg.
  • Swaraj 963 FE PTO hp is 53.6 hp.
  • The tractor comes with a dual-clutch and power steering, offering fast response and hassle-free functioning. 
  • A 2200 Kg lifting capacity helps the tractor to elevate heavy farming equipment. 
  • Swaraj 963 price in India is reasonable and fair for all farmers. 
  • The tractor model comes with oil-immersed disc brakes, protecting operators and avoiding slippage. 

Swaraj 963 FE - Additional Features 

Additionally, Swaraj 963 FE provides:

  • Single-piece bonnet.
  • Single lever operations.
  • Making the harvesting application convenient.
  • Suspended pedals and side shift gear lever.

It has a new digital instrument cluster that comes with a service reminder feature and multi-reflector lights. 

Swaraj 963 FE Price

Affordable price is a common need of Indian farmers, and that is why the tractor brand made this tractor cost-effective. Swaraj 963 FE on road price in India is Rs. 7.90 Lakhs* - Rs. 8.50 Lakhs*. Swaraj 963 FE tractor price fits every farmer's budget. Swaraj 963 on road price varies state by state due to some factors. 

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Swaraj 963 FE Specifications

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 60 HP
Capacity CC 3478 CC
Engine Rated RPM 2100
Cooling Water Cooled
Air Filter Dry Type
Fuel Pump N/A
Type N/A
Clutch Dual Clutch
Gear Box 12 Forward + 2 Reverse
Battery 12 V 100 AH
Alternator starter motor
Forward Speed 0.90 - 31.70 kmph
Reverse Speed 2.8 - 10.6 kmph
Brakes Oil immersed Disc Brakes
Type Power
Steering Column N/A
Type Multispeed & Reverse PTO
RPM 540, 540E
Capacity N/A
Total Weight 2650 KG
Wheel Base 2210 MM
Overall Length 3730 MM
Overall Width 1930 MM
Ground Clearance 425 MM
Turning Radius With Brakes N/A
Lifting Capacity 2200 Kg
3 point Linkage Live Hydraulics, Category-2 with fixed type lower links
Wheel drive Both
Front 7.50 x 16
Rear 16.9 x 28
Additional Features Swaraj 963FE comes with a single piece bonnet , single lever operations that makes the harvesting application convenient, suspended pedals and side shift gear levers, New digital instrument cluster which has a service reminder feature and multi reflector lights
Status Launched
Price 7.90-8.40 Lac*

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