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Escorts Tractor, a product from the Escorts Agri Machinery, is one of the biggest tractor manufacturers in India. Escorts Tractors are very performing and durable tractors. This company is famous to produce powerful tractors that make your work at fields easy. Escorts has made tractors for last 70 years and has served over 70 Lakh Population with excellent products. TractorGuru displays and features all the Escorts tractor, which might suit your need. Call Us Now to know about the Escorts dealers near you and buy your favorite Escorts Tractor. You can also reach us if you have any query about Escorts Tractors.

Escort Tractors Price List (2020) in India

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Escort MPT JAWAN Rs.4.4 Lac*
Escort JOSH 335 Rs.5 Lac*
Escort Steeltrac Rs.2.60-2.90 Lac*
  • 2 WD
    Escort Steeltrac

    Escort Steeltrac

    flash_on12 HP


    2.60-2.90 Lac*

    2 WD
    Escort MPT JAWAN

    Escort MPT JAWAN

    flash_on25 HP


    4.4 Lac*

    2 WD
    Escort JOSH 335

    Escort JOSH 335

    flash_on35 HP


    5 Lac*

    About Escort Tractor

    “Escorts” Shaandaar Tractor Brand!

    Escorts Tractors are known as the Pioneer of Farm Mechanization in India, because this company has been responsible to bring out tractors for the farmers of India in the beginning. There are many features that will make you buy these tractors, TractorGuru provides you with detailed facts so that you can choose the best. Escorts has 3 models available from 12 HP to 35 HP.

    Escort Tractor Price

    The starting price of the Escort Tractors is Rs. 2.60 Lakh. This makes the tractors very affordable and easy to buy, you can also check tractor finance options if you wish to on TractorGuru website.

    TractorGuru brings to you all the information about the Escorts Tractors, which you can use in your next tractor purchase.

    Escort Tractor Specialties

    • Escorts Tractors have a wide range of HP from 12 to 35 HP. 
    • The engine of Escorts Tractors is very powerful and performing. 
    • Choosing an Escorts Tractor is easy because you do not get confused with the models. 
    • The mileage and the price of Escorts Tractors always make the buyers happy.

    For more updates about Escorts Tractors and other farm implements, visit TractorGuru and know everything you need to.

    Most popular Escort Tractor Models

    Escorts Tractors are very famous in India, some of the most popular Escorts Tractors in India are

    • Escort MPT Jawan Tractor – 25 HP, Rs. 4.4 Lakhs
    • Escort Josh 335 Tractor – 35 HP, Rs. 5.00 Lakhs

    The most expensive Escorts Tractor is Escort Josh 335 Tractor, the price of this tractor is Rs. 5.00 Lakhs. This tractor is a 35 HP Tractor and is one of the most famous Escorts Tractor in India. You can see tractor videos and compare tractors to know which is best for you.

    Escorts Mini Tractors

    The buyers who have orchards or vegetable farming, might need tractors with low HP.

    Escorts also manufactures Compact and Mini Tractors. Starting from as low as 12 HP, the tractors are very performing and reasonable. The buyers should definitely see Escorts Mini Tractor price before buying any tractor.

    • Escorts Steeltrac Tractor – 12 HP, Rs. 2.60 – 2.90 Lakhs

    The Escorts Tractors also have 25 HP tractor which can be beneficial to you as Compact and Medium HP Tractor both.

    TractorGuru – For You

    TractorGuru provides you various unique features which can help you choose your next tractor. Know all about Escorts Tractor New Models. See the Escorts Tractor Price List in India before choosing. You can also watch Escorts Tractor Video to know more.