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Digitrac Tractors, is a tractor brand which is a brand under the Escorts. With the reliability of Escorts, Digitrac is a very dependable brand. Digitrac Tractors, offer around 3 models which range from 47 to 60 HP. Digitrac Tractors have many special features and a short list of tractors that make your work of choosing a tractor easy. The Digitrac Tractor price list is also very beneficial to the buyers. TractorGuru displays and features all the Digitrac tractor, which might suit your need. Call Us Now to know about the Digitrac dealers near you and buy your favorite Digitrac Tractor. You can also reach us if you have any query about Digitrac Tractors.

Digitrac Tractors Price List (2021) in India

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Digitrac PP 51i Rs. 6.80 Lac*
Digitrac PP 43i Rs. 5.85 Lac*
Digitrac PP 46i Rs. 6.30 - 6.50 Lac*
  • 2 WD

    Digitrac PP 51i

    flash_on60 HP

    settings3680 CC

    6.80 Lac*

    2 WD

    Digitrac PP 43i

    flash_on47 HP

    settings2760 CC

    5.85 Lac*

    2 WD

    Digitrac PP 46i

    flash_on50 HP

    settings3680 CC

    6.30 - 6.50 Lac*

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    About Digitrac Tractor

    “DIGITRAC” Dumdar Tractor Brand!

    Digitrac Tractors as mentioned above is a brand under the Escorts, this makes the brand very reliable. The engine of these tractors is very powerful and the tractors are very durable. You can choose the tractors from the 3 products and the Tractor Price List is also very beneficial in the given price range. The upgraded Brakes provide you high grip and less slippage. The tractors also have up-to-date Steering which makes it easy for the operators to use this tractor.

    You can ask questions about the tractors on our website and be sure before buying your next tractor.

    The starting price of the Digitrac Tractors is Rs. 5.85 Lakh. This makes the tractors very affordable and easy to buy, you can also check tractor finance options if you wish to on TractorGuru website.

    TractorGuru brings to you all the information about the DIGITRAC Tractors, which you can use in your next tractor purchase.

    DIGITRAC Tractor Specialties

    • Digitrac Tractors have 3 tractors with a range of HP from 47 to 60 HP. 
    • The engine of Digitrac Tractors is very powerful. 
    • Digitrac Tractors provide a package of features and savings.
    • The tractor list is small so you do not face any confusion.

    For more updates about Digitrac Tractors and other farm implements, visit TractorGuru and know everything you need to.

    Most popular DIGITRAC Tractor

    Digitrac Tractors are very famous in India, some of the most popular Digitrac Tractors in India are

    The most expensive Digitrac Tractor is also Digitrac PP 51i Tractor, the price of this tractor is Rs. 6.80 Lakhs. This a very powerful tractor in the range of 60 HP and provides many benefits to the farmers.

    DIGITRAC Mini Tractors

    The buyers who have orchards or vegetable farming, might need tractors with low HP. Digitrac Tractors is a tractor brand that manufactures Compact Tractors for the farmers who wish to perform orchard farming or vegetable farming. These tractors can also be used as medium power tractors. The buyers should definitely see Digitrac Mini Tractor price before buying any tractor.

    TractorGuru – For You

    TractorGuru provides you various unique features which can help you choose your next tractor. Know all about Digitrac Tractor New Models. See the Digitrac Tractor Price List in India before choosing. You can also watch Digitrac Tractor Video to know more.